Frozen Stonehill is a one-day tournament that will be held on January 7th 2023 in Stubičke Toplice according to the rules and regulations of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). A total of 2 rounds will be played at the tournament. Each round consists of 14 holes. The tournament will be played in two categories – FPO and MPO.

The registration fee is  – 10€
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All results will be published  HERE (PDGA )

Tournament program:

Saturday 7/1/2023

8:15 – gathering

9:00 – meeting with the players

9:30 – the start of the first round

12:00 – lunch

13:30 – start of the second round

15:30 – announcement of the winner


Hole 5 it is necessary to throw the disc into the safe zone with the first shot. The OB line is represented by a railway track that is closer to the basket. If the first throw does not fall in the safe zone, the game continues with DZ with one penalty throw. If it happens that the disc enters the safe zone and is located near the OB line (not safe, stones from the railway line), it is allowed to move towards the basket to a safe position (grass).

Hole 6 – it is necessary to throw the disc into the island with the first shot, if the disc is not in the safe zone of the island, the game continues with DZ and one penalty throw.

Hole 7 – normal OB rules are used, play continues with one penalty throw. To the right of the OB line is a fence (over the fence is OB), and to the left is water (if the entire disc is in water, it is considered to be in OB, and if the disc is on the other bank, it is considered OB).

Hole 12 and 13 – normal OB rules are used. The OB line is represented by the edge of the sidewalk. Please watch out for pedestrians and road users. 

Other holes are played without special rules.